New Mexico Wine Growers Unveil NM Wine Trails App

Staff | - April 4, 2014

The New Mexico Wine Growers Association and Bar-Z partnered to develop Smartphone apps for iPhones & Androids

The New Mexico Wine Growers Association has introduced an exciting new mobile app to help oenophiles find their way to New Mexico’s wineries. The app is also a passport-style loyalty program designed to reward users every time they visit one. Yes, you can earn prizes just by drinking wine!

“The goal of the app is to spread awareness about New Mexico wines and to drive customers to our tasting rooms. We feel that by adding this app to our website and print materials, we can reach several demographics that enjoy good wine and traveling,” said Bridget Salopek, executive director, New Mexico Wine Growers Association.

Culinary trails, or trails of any kind, are increasingly popular with travelers and journalists. The New Mexico True Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail has been a huge success for New Mexico Tourism Department and continues to generate interest over four years after its creation. The New Mexico Wine Growers Association has very proactively developed this interactive and intuitive app, which will boost visits by New Mexicans and visitors alike.

Download the NM Wine Trails app here.


From a New Mexico Tourism Industry press release.