New Monumental Sculpture Graces Railyard Park

Staff | - June 9, 2016

The Railyard Park in Santa Fe has some striking new art by Santa Fe sculptor Don Redman.

Shadow Light Lens is a unique, monumental sculptural diptych. The graceful pair of marine-grade stainless steel sculptures represent the artist’s recent exploration of creating kinetic responses from objects that don’t have any moving parts.  “When I’m developing a concept for a sculpture, I love to explore the laws of nature, to see how I can help them interact in new and inventive ways,” Redman said in his Santa Fe studio.

These latest pieces use sun and shadow to create moving parts. Sunlight infiltrates the cascading layers of steel to create an array of dynamic shadows that continuously move as the sun arcs across the sky. The dramatic shadows also shift seasonally as the sun changes course throughout the year. The pieces, paired, measure: H. 15' x W. 30' x D. 30'.

Throughout his 40 plus year career, Redman has produced monumental sculptures for public, corporate, and private collections throughout the world. He enjoys using materials that generate a visual impact far greater than the sum of its parts, because, he says, they reflect how communities operate.   “When groups of people focus on an outcome, the product is often far better than the sum of its parts. I create sculptures that reflect that power and that spirit of community.” In 2014, he was a recipient of the Governor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts from the New Mexico Arts Commission.

Originally from Houston, Redman enjoys watching people respond to the sculptures:  “It’s an honor to have the pieces in the Railyard, which is such a community center for our city. Since they were birthed here, our residents ought to enjoy them first.”  Other commissioned sculpture by Redman can be seen outside the Joseph Montoya Building on St. Francis Dr. in Santa Fe, at Rio Rancho City Center, and UNM Taos campus.

​The pieces, created on spec and for sale, will ultimately be mounted on a foundation of black mosaic glass tiles that will add yet another element for the light to interact with.  In the meantime, make it down to the Railyard and have some fun enjoying the new additions.

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