New Snow Just in Time for Spring Break Visitors

Braden Anderson | - March 8, 2013

Just as I was about to write a piece about spring skiing, and the refreshing nip of warm air, and forgiving pliability of slushy snow, it looks like we’re about to get some fresh stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some fresh powder, but there’s something special about spring riding.  Stick around for that in future posts (spoiler alert: Santa Fe's terrain park is pretty legit this year)…

Meanwhile, by some estimates, we could be looking at 8-14” over the course of the weekend.  Check the snow report for updates.  Out of town visitors to Ski Santa Fe couldn’t have been luckier, as this weekend marks the start of a lot of spring breaks for schools in Texas and across the Midwest (locals, take from that what you will).

While the abundance of snow will be much appreciated  by locals and visitors alike, it’s not the only thing they will have in common.  Due to some poorly advised plans, the roads leading to the ski area will be under construction starting March 11th (for full details and sneaky routes around the mess check HERE).  My personal advice?  Take West Alameda all the way to Gonzales Rd.  Turn left.  Straight on until you hit Artist Road (a.k.a. the ski basin road).  Turn right and don’t turn again until you get to the ski area parking lot.

Just trying to help out.  Now get your gear all waxed up and enjoy the new snow!  Of course, don’t let chance have all the fun.  It always helps to…

Think Snow!