New Traffic Signals Make Left Turns Possible on Flashing Yellow Arrows

Editor | - May 13, 2013

From a City of Santa Fe press release...

Motorists in the City of Santa Fe may have noticed new flashing yellow arrow signals at five Cerrillos Road intersections, giving them the go-ahead to make left turns if there is no oncoming traffic or pedestrians in the crosswalks. The city recently implemented a new timing plan on Cerrillos Road from Airport Road to St. Michael’s Drive.

“The flashing yellow left turn arrow means that drivers turning left yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians,” said John Romero, Traffic Engineer with the City of Santa Fe. “When the left turn arrow is flashing yellow the opposing traffic has a green light.”

Public safety considerations are the city’s first priority and drivers should always proceed with caution when turning left on a flashing yellow arrow and wait for a safe opening. The flashing yellow arrow left turn signal indicates that drivers can turn with caution after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, but should remember that the opposing traffic has a green light and is moving without restrictions.

The intersections where the new traffic signals have been installed are:

  Cerrillos Road and Calle de Cielo
  Cerrillos Road and Siler
  Cerrillos Road and Camino Carlos Rey
  Cerrillos Road and Lujan
  Cerrillos Road and Camino Consuelo