NNMC to Hold 10th Annual Garlic Harvest Festival

- June 26, 2017

The Northern New Mexico College ¡Sostenga! Farm will hold its 10th Annual Garlic Harvest Festival on Saturday, July 1st from 7 am to 12 pm.

The festival marks one of the season’s first harvests and brings the community together in celebration of the traditional agricultural practices utilized on the ¡Sostenga! Farm.

It also highlights the culture and history of farming in northern New Mexico with a focus on traditional Hispano and Native American farming techniques, sustainable agriculture, and food justice.

Former lieutenant governor Roberto Mondragon will host this year’s event, which will feature music by El Trio Mondragon, Desert Loops, David Garcia & Jeremiah Martinez, in addition to Imperial Rooster.

There will also be a garlic harvest contest with $300/$200/$100 cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

The event will culminate with a tractor show to celebrate northern New Mexico farmers and their trusty steeds.

Please join the Northern New Mexico College ¡Sostenga! Farm in celebrating the festival’s milestone 10th year, and keeping the agricultural traditions of the region alive.

¡Sostenga! supports projects that foster sustainable living through hands-on learning and economic development.

The farm’s work is based on the premise that healthy food has long been a tradition of Northern New Mexico, and only in recent decades have generations moved away from the natural agriculture and land-based heritage of this area.

¡Sostenga! was established in 2007 by the New Mexico Legislature to serve as a center for collaboration and research for preserving northern New Mexico's natural heritage, and to be a vehicle to develop regional partnerships and community based participatory research, in the interest of community based food heritage preservation.