Official Statement: Bobcat Bite Prepares for Next Step After 12 Years of Business

Editor | - May 10, 2013

"Longstanding, beloved burger joint will close its doors"

An offical statement from Bobcat Bite dated May 9 announced the long-standing Santa Fe burger joint will close its doors in June. Here's the press release...

After 12 years, Bonnie and John Eckre will serve their last famous Bobcat Bite burger at the Old Las Vegas Highway location on June 9. They will be vacating the premises June 14th at the demand of the building's owners, the Panzer family.

“This ending is bittersweet,” said Bonnie Eckre. “We’re sorry to inconvenience all of our loyal customers, the people who we’ve come to know like family over the years.”

In recent months, the Panzer family had urged the Eckres to enter into a long-term lease to continue business at the present location. However, during negotiations, it became apparent that the Panzers and the Eckres were operating from two very different positions when Panzer family representative, Mark Panzer, informed the Eckres that the Eckres did not own the Bobcat Bite restaurant business. This came as news to the Eckres.

For over twelve years, the Eckres have been listed as registered owners of the business on both city and state business documents and associated tax reports and bank accounts. They have been identified as the Bobcat Bite restaurant owners in both local and national press, on the Internet, in specialty books, on their website, on the Food Channel and other media, all with full knowledge of the Panzer family. The Eckres invested in the business accordingly. Throughout the years, they have worked hard to establish a strong customer base and have fostered local and worldwide goodwill. In a recent interview, Bonnie Eckre acknowledged that the Bobcat Bite is a regular part of visitors’ vacation itineraries.

Good faith attempts to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the Panzer family were unsuccessful, with the Panzer family forcing the June 14th evacuation of the premises. The Eckres are presently looking to open a restaurant business soon in a downtown Santa Fe location. Through their local attorney, Timothy Butler, the Eckres are also currently evaluating their legal rights concerning the Bobcat Bite situation.

As a last act of goodwill and generosity, the Eckres will be donating all proceeds from their final day at their present location to Kitchen Angels. Anyone with gift certificates is encouraged to redeem them before June 9th.