Out of SITE! Axle Contemporary and SITE Santa Fe Fundraiser

Editor | - November 21, 2012

Beginning December 12, a special presentation of  works donated to SITE Unseen over the years will be made available for sale in collaboration with Axle Contemporary just in time for the Holidays! All artworks will be $150 and the artists' names will be revealed. Proceeds will support SITE Santa Fe and Axle Contemporary.p>

At Axle and at SITE, we believe that by working together we can achieve more than by working alone. Both organizations are committed to serving our community and neither could flourish without community support. We believe that raising funds can be collaborative, fun and a great bargain.

The opening evening of Out of SITE! will coincide with SITE's Members appreciation party (where you can impress the community with your Karaoke skills and dine on pigs-in-blankets). Axle will be located in front of SITE's building on Wednesday night, December 12 for pre/post-party shopping. Axle's tour continues around Santa Fe through Sunday, Dec. 16. See the schedule of locations to the left.  Don't miss this opportunity to purchase great art at an affordable price! You might might even consider a year-end gift to support  Axle Contemporary and/or SITE, which would be a deeply appreciated, tax-deductible contribution to help both groups continue their important work in this community.

Artist list for Out of SITE!

These are some (but not all!) of the artists:  Rose Simpson, Joanne LeFrak, Donald Woodman, Jacco Olivier, David Leigh, Eric Garduño, Donald Lipski, Olivier Mosset, James Westwater, David Merrill, Jennifer Joseph, Ernesto Neto, Munson Hunt, Dirk de Bruycker, Erika Blumenfeld, Herb Lotz, Valerie Arber, Karina Hean, Brad Kahlhamer, Clayton Porter, Jonathan Morse, Dara Mark, Madelin Coit, Gerry Snyder, Meridel Rubenstein, Shirley Klinghoffer, Guy Cross, Erika Wanenmacher, Nancy Sutor, Stacey Neff, Gene Newman, Emilee Lord, Mark Tribe, Toadhouse, Ricardo Mazal, Heidi Loewen, Tom Ashcraft, Steve Barry & Linda Montano, Larry Fodor, Jessica Stockholder, Colette Hosmer, Terri Rolland, Gay Block, Kim Russo, Lucy Maki, Ronald Davis, Constance de Jong, Betty Hahn, Fredrick Hammersley, Ron Cooper, Forrest Moses, Patrick McFarlin, Gregory Botts, John Fincher, Tasha Ostrander, Paul Shapiro, Richard Hogan, Kristen Lora, Alan Rath, Christy Hengst.