Planetary Healing Begins with Each One of Us | - January 24, 2012

"Let’s build the necessary groundswell for a renewable, publically-owned utility for Santa Fe and Santa Fe County"

With an expanding sense of urgency resulting from so many important issues that are present in this time and space, each person needs to take a step back and determine the most efficient use of their energy and effort. If we choose a course of personal activism as a means of adding our voice
to the exploding dynamic of public outcry, we are aligning in purpose with the need for cultural transformation. Still many believe that nothing short of a paradigm shift in how we think, live and act, will bring about the necessary changes that will insure sustainability for future generations.

The corporate machine, in partnership with much of the mass media, has done a masterful job of diluting the most important issues of our times. Over the past 40 years, our environment has become increasingly ill despite the numerous protections, including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Our air, water and land are continuingly compromised by Federal and State government and the legal mandate of free commerce allowing the unobstructed extraction of fossil based resources. Of course, this approach allows for massive profits by utility and extractive industry monopolies, but the trade-off for this exploitation of our environment and its inhabitants was never considered for the long haul, only short-sighted gain.

It has been the business as usual mandate that resource extraction overrides the need to protect the Earth and its ecosystems. A random example is the current coal-mining going on in Washington State. This “resource” is being extracted with irreparable damage to the environment, and subsequently shipped to China for its coal-burning power plants, adding greatly to the emissions and toxic fallout on the populace. What does Washington State gain? Environmental devastation in exchange for the profit gained by a private corporation that has masterminded this operation. Our governmental and judicial systems long ago adopted policies that provide these types of companies ways to make profits at the expense of the land and its peoples. Unless we continue to align in purpose to tip the scales toward fairness, quality of life and real protections for the Earth and its inhabitants, future generations will face a world dangling in the balance.

It is obvious that this imbalance, now so measurable throughout nature, began within the minds of men. And, no doubt, greedy bastards disconnected from the greater good and hell bent on profits at untold costs. Yet, we have seen throughout history that when the people find their voice and work together in solidarity toward the accomplishment of worthy goals, for what is right and good, the energy begins to move favorably in that direction. Even though tyranny appears to be riding high, well-funded, fortified with armies, tanks and whatever, the expanding will of the people will ultimately win out. We have now begun in earnest to move toward an evolution of consciousness. Though in a stage of early infancy, this time of expanded perception will continue to grow and more of the populace will move toward a greater understanding of unity consciousness. This awareness allows for a new understanding--we are all an integral focal point of creation, everything affects everything else and we’re all on this ride together. Humankind can learn much from the “primitives” who understood that basic stewardship of our home planet is essential to our wellbeing, and, you know…bears don’t dump their steamy waste in their own caves.

So why has this intrinsic lesson become so far removed from reality? Here’s my answer, based on a 45-year journey in environmental issues and personal development. We have systematically been alienated from our connection with each other and our environment. Over recent decades, the citizenry was purposefully reclassified as consumers. We have been driven from our inherent sense of community and imprinted that competition is the ultimate motivator, sort of the flip side of working in harmony and cooperation with others. We are now disenfranchised by government that upholds the rights of the ruling few, while allowing the rest to feel downtrodden and powerless. We’ve been programmed to be motivated by fear, continuously reminded of our enemies, either real or imagined, and as a result we’ve allowed the exploitive policies toward the Third World, and nature overall, to be the driving motivation of our culture.

But as we walk amongst the populace focusing on what Earth citizens share in common rather than being immersed in our differences, we begin to observe how nature inherently provides an abundance of life’s goodness and the fulfillment of our needs. This awareness brings a presence, a deep appreciation that allows for an easy flow of intention for what is right and good. We can more fully view the potential of tolerance, cooperation, peace, love and harmony as fundamental in our capacity to heal, ourselves and our communities. By honoring Mother Earth, we honor ourselves and all of life, and we find contentment in knowing that as we heal so does our environment.

Unicopia is spearheading a petition for a Renewable Municipal Energy Grid for Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. Though it is well known that Santa Fe has some of the least polluted, if not pristine, air anywhere, this comes at a large price. Most of Santa Fe’s electricity is sourced from coal-burning power plants on Navajo land near the Four Corners. The toxic fallout of mercury, arsenic, lead, formaldehyde and more has caused major health issues to the populace. We have more than 300 days of sunshine a year! Together we can move away from this antiquated energy source. Let’s build the necessary groundswell for a renewable, publically-owned utility for Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, and create a viable model for our clean, renewable, energy future. Go to and click on "Petitions." And while you’re there, support our mission and become a member. Also sign New Mexico State Senator Peter Wirth’s SB9 petition to close the corporate tax loopholes and leveli the playing field for local New Mexico businesses.

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