Posh+Lavish Luxury Mattresses Now Carried By Sleep & Dream Luxury Mattress Store in Santa Fe NM

- September 1, 2018

Rise and Shine on a POSH+LAVISH Luxury Mattress

A Posh+Lavish mattress is a luxury one should buy and enjoy for an amazing night's sleep.  The company's mattresses are the epitome of caring for both the body and mind while asleep. Posh+Lavish believes the purest and simplest form of sleep is defined by allowing our body to enter a state of calm followed by our mind discovering a peace that cocoons us from our daily life and finds the tranquility of a world standing still. True serenity. This is done by creating a weightless, buoyant, and floating design. Attention is paid to every detail. The top of its mattresses are never quilted and fiber is never used in the top of the mattress, which will wear over time.

 Posh+Lavish Mattresses—Each and every Posh + Lavish mattress is built by hand in California by teams of skilled craftsmen.