Prescott Gallery

- June 27, 2017

The Colorful Collections

Sculpture Gallery in Santa Fe: Prescott Gallery

If you’re ever in Santa Fe, New Mexico and you happen to be an art lover as well then there’s really no other place that you should go other than the Prescott Gallery. This sculpture gallery in Santa Fe, NM is a place that not only you’ll enjoy, but even your kids are going to have an amazing time! Even if your kids aren’t much of art lovers, the Prescott Gallery is definitely going to spike their interest and incline them towards loving art.

Prescott Gallery

Fredrick Scott, the mind behind Prescott Gallery, is the genius that works to bring his sculptures to life. These indoor and outdoor displays make use of a wide range of inspirations from various animals including elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. These colorful collections catch children’s attention and promotes the love of artwork within them. The Prescott Gallery is dedicated to serving as a sculpture studio which is open for all to see. The thing that most people seem to love about the exhibits is that it not only corresponds to the focus of simple, stationary sculptures but the artists work hard to bring these animated creatures to life.  

The reputation of being a famous sculpture gallery in Santa Fe, NM is made not only from simple structures, but by using wildlife as a growing challenge, taking imagination and embeding it into pop art, and folk art as well as technically advanced construction.
Indoor exhibit

While the outdoor exhibit is more themed towards wildlife, the indoor sculptures are dedicated towards everyday life and personalities and are more kinetically inclined. Instead of the usual art work, which dictates elegance and perfection, his style is more towards animation and creating exhibits that will encourage the young minds into mastering the field of art.  

What are the sculptures made of?

The Prescott gallery makes use of everything that could be found and turns scraps into working and imaginative pieces of art. From different metals, steel, and even cardboards, the gallery uses emotional influence and science to turn simple sculptures into animated pieces of artwork.

What else does it offer?

To hold up the reputation of being an exemplary sculpture gallery in Santa Fe, NM, the Prescott Gallery continuously promotes the art work and ships their exhibits worldwide. His ingenious use of kinetic engineering, Fredrick Scott is able to give his structures life like effects. These contemporary pieces are known world-wide and since they range in sizes, from giant sculptures to tiny, table-top figurines, they are made use of throughout the world for whatever purpose there may be. The Prescott Gallery excels in providing new ways of improving their exhibits and make sure art lovers all around are continuously updated.  

Next time you decide to tour around Santa Fe, New Mexico then you should definitely drop by at the Prescott Gallery and enjoy your time there. Grab your kids for a family outing and watch them enjoy the exhibits just as much as you do.