Press Release: Bill Dimas Announces Run for Santa Fe Mayor

Editor - May 23, 2013

The following is a media release from Santa Fe City Councilor Bill Dimas announcing his bid for mayor in 2014.

Bill Dimas, Santa Fe City Councilor, District 4, formally announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Santa Fe.  Dimas, a fourth-generation Santa Fe native, has dedicated the majority of his adult life to public service, serving as a Santa Fe police officer, City Councilor and magistrate judge.

As an active police officer in the Police Community Relations Bureau, Bill Dimas organized the city’s first Neighborhood Watch Program, developed drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs for schools, as well as many other law enforcement programs.

In his first term as city councilor, he served as Police Commissioner, appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  As Police Commissioner he established the police department’s “vehicle take –home program” to keep police officers living in Santa Fe and bring policing to the community.  During his first term as City Councilor, Dimas led the effort to close the Plaza to vehicles and return it to foot traffic.

Elected magistrate judge in 1994, Bill Dimas established a reputation for honesty and integrity and was appointed Chief Judge of the Santa Fe Magistrate Court by the New Mexico Supreme Court in 1996.  After retiring from the bench in 2006, he continued to serve as Pro Tem Judge for the Santa Fe Municipal Court and the Pojoaque Tribal Court.

Dimas is noted for plain talk, easy approachability, and a standing promise to make every effort to return all calls.  He plans an open, honest and civil campaign, relying solely on public campaign financing.  “Santa Feans want their candidates free of the influence of any special interests.  Public campaign financing ensures the candidate has only the people’s interest in mind.

Long-time Santa Feans know Bill Dimas as one of the city’s most popular radio personalities and band leader.  And many Santa Feans know him as a long-time multi-sport youth coach and P.A. announcer at several area schools.  He graduated from Santa Fe High School in 1963 and attended both Adams State College and the College of Santa Fe.

He’s married to the former Candy Kane, another Santa Fe native, who retired after 33 years with the Santa Fe Public Schools.  Together, they have four children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“As Mayor, I intend a return to Santa Fe values and traditions,” Bill Dimas stated.  “Santa Fe is in danger of losing its way, distracted by fringe issues and bending to special interests.  We are reacting to changing events rather than anticipating and meeting them.  It’s time to get ahead.”

Here’s Bill Dimas’ blueprint for Santa Fe:

Return to basic city government – efficient delivery of vital services, including public safety, transportation, sanitation and roads.  “Before we run toward the future,” Bill says, “we have to put our feet solidly on the ground.”

  Restore faith in city government by promoting transparency for all city actions and by creating a work environment for city employees that rewards excellence, encourages innovation and invites participation in the process of good government.

Invest in the economic future we want, by moving to renewable energy sources, encouraging “green” practices, establishing a strong broadband network and lightening the regulatory burden on “clean “ businesses, like the film industry.  “Our young people have to go elsewhere to make a good living.  We must make Santa Fe a place to live, not a place to leave.”

 Honor the City’s traditions of hospitality, love for the arts, and respect for our history and room for diversity.  “We should embrace progress, but never abandon those qualities of our City that make it a great place to live.”

“What do we want in Santa Fe?”  I believe we all want educated and engaged citizens.  We all want safe neighborhoods.  We want good jobs with a future and decent wages for everyone.  We want educational and vocational opportunities for our children.  And we want everyone – young or old, rich or poor – proud to call Santa Fe home.”