Santa Fe Artist Exhibits Billboards During Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Editor | - January 7, 2013

Santa Fe artist Jim Modiano exhibits his work on New Orleans billsobard during Mardi Gras and Super Bowl...

Santa Fe artist Jim Modiano joins an international selection of diverse artists who will be exhibiting their work on billboards in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl this year. Now in its fourth year, Expose: New Orleans explores the concept of city as gallery and provides the opportunity for artists to reach millions of viewers by displaying their work along the parade routes of its famous Mardi Gras celebration.

Modiano's artwork is well-suited to this type of venue. The artist progressed to large-scale abstract paintings some years ago and recently envisioned expanding his work into even larger media such as billboard displays. Thanks to the exceptional participation of CBS Media Group, Modiano is about to realize his largest public art project to date. Expose curator David Rhodes bills the New Orleans event as "the biggest show on earth."

Modiano's bold and colorful artworks will no doubt be a striking addition to this year's festivities. The artist has developed a visual language that is both playful and intriguing in artworks that have initial wow appeal as well as a sustaining subtlety—rare qualities in today's sound-bite culture.

Once a biologist, the artist continues to work from nature within the conceptual framework of the science of complexity. He sees the opportunity to exhibit in New Orleans as poignant, in view of recent events where nature is informing us of our inextricable relationships with the world we live in.

Modiano has added text to detail images of his artworks for his billboard designs to emphasize the existential messages in his artworks and provoke dialogue on a political scale—therein lies his greater goal in expanding the platform for his art and scaling up its exposure.