Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Exclusive Kansas City Brew Gets a Homecoming

Staff | - December 12, 2013

From a Santa Fe Brewing Company media release.

Santa Fe Brewing Company announced an exclusive collaboration with Central States Beverage Company in Kansas City to produce a new brew, the Imperial Smoked Rye Porter. The beer was only available to select Kansas City draft accounts but at 4 p.m. on Dec. 20, Santa Feans can get a special taste of the brew at the Santa Fe Brewing Company or its Eldorado Taphouse. Both locations will offer two kegs and the beer will be served in 8-ounce glasses due to its potent 11 percent alcohol-by-volume content.

After months of deliberation and input from certified cicerones, staff members of Central States and Santa Fe Brewing Company, a local chef and award-winning home brewer from Kansas City chef, and an award-winning home brewer from Kansas City, the companies came up with the Imperial Smoked Rye Porter. The partnership was hailed as the first ever brewer/distributor collaboration for a beer.

Featuring a "subtle, smoky, yet spicy flavor profile," the porter pays homage to Kansas City's famous barbeque scene. “We decided to go bold and do an Imperial style porter so that its character would stand up to the big flavors of smoked meats," said head brewer AJ Condit. "Not only will this beer scream Kansas City, it will also give a wink to Santa Fe with subtle notes of chipotle chile peppers." 

 The Imperial Smoked Rye Porter will be released in limited quantity, with one-third of the batch reserved for barrel aging. The barrel-aged version of the beer is scheduled for release in spring of 2014.

 “Santa Fe Brewing is excited to team up with Central States on this project because they are a knowledgeable resource for us," said Brian Lock, president of Santa Fe Brewing. "Our joint efforts will ideally produce a beer that Kansas City beer enthusiasts will enjoy. The Imperial Smoked Rye Porter is a very unique style of beer and will be exclusive to the Kansas City market. I suspect that many of our local clientele will be wishing they could purchase it here in New Mexico!”