Santa Fe Children’s Museum Hometown Heroes Campaign A Success!

Editor | - November 19, 2012

"The stories and events of the last few months are a testimonial to the true meaning of what "community partners" are really about"

As of November 15, we are thrilled to announce that we met our Hometown Heroes Campaign Fundraising goal of 200K six weeks early!

In September 2012, the Santa Fe Children’s Museum made the decision to ask the community for help, as we faced a 60% drop in contributed income, and this decrease threatened the future of the museum.

We set the goal of raising $200k by December 31, 2012 to keep the doors open.

We have been, frankly, overwhelmed by the generosity and creativity of our community, of individuals, groups and businesses. Children came in with donations from personal savings and fundraisers they conducted all on their own. John Grover of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors personally went to every realtor in the association and collected donations totaling more than  $4,500. A wheelchair-bound elderly resident with no children donated $300 because she knows the importance of SFCM to the community. A group of nine year-old girls from Eldorado held a school bake sale and raised $312.

The stories and events of the last few months are a testimonial to the true meaning of what "community partners" are really about.

Hutton Broadcasting is an example of this kind of community partnership.

Scott Hutton pledged his entire staff and all of their resources to help us reach our goal, and camped out in the museum while they held a Radio-A-Thon urging listener support. They helped us reach our goal at the astounding rate of raising $75K in three days (yes, three days!).

So, the museum is staying open. And, thanks to the community, we will stay open.

And we are using this moment to start anew, by developing a new, more fiscally-sustainable business model, with greater community engagement and responsiveness.

We have assembled a Blue Ribbon Task Force of business leaders to help us identify and develop new, more diversified revenue streams. We will be growing our endowment fund, partnering with other nonprofits to expand our scope of services and are working toward developing a regular funding stream from the city of Santa Fe.

We have also increased our earned revenue and are adding a new exhibit, funded by the Delle Foundation, that will allow us to broaden our reach to include middle and high school students, where students can create DIY projects.

We will keep the same emphasis on education-based learning, but we will be engaging the community in more broad-based dialogue about how we can better serve Santa Fe with our mission.

If you haven't already contributed we urge you to do so now.

If you have contributed we invite you to consider your donation a seed planted; a seed that needs perennial care. If everyone who donated would make a small monthly donation, we would be assured of a robust future. Consider adding us to you monthly budget - with as low as $10 per month or whatever you can afford.