Santa Fe listed on the 2nd annual top-rated vacation destinations - June 28, 2018

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Santa Fe has made the 2nd annual top-rated vacation destinations list for North America! Over 4,600 destinations we’re reviewed, and Santa Fe made the top 50, coming in at number 41 out of the 4,600. 

  • WHO: Expedia Viewfinder
  • WHERE: The Top-Rated Vacation Destinations In North America
  • WHAT: released its Top-Rated Vacation Destinations in North America feature on May 10, 2018. These top spots were chosen by verified Expedia reviewers throughout 2017 and rose to the top of over 4,600 reviewed cities.
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Santa Fe named one of the top-rated vacation destinations in North America by Expedia. Looking for the best vacation destinations in North America? Expedia says go to Santa Fe. Santa Fe is one of the best vacation destinations in North America.