Santa Fe Sage Inn and Suites - A Gateway to the Santa Fe Farmers Market

- February 10, 2017

Guests of the Santa Fe hotel Santa Fe Sage Inn & Suites are way ahead of the game when it comes to events happening in the historic city of Santa Fe, NM. In Santa Fe the events normally occur in and around the downtown area. This makes the hotel very attractive because it is located in the downtown area, just minutes from most events on foot, so quite literally hotel guests can be enjoying local festivities just a short stroll from their room. It is right across the street from the ever popular Santa Fe Farmers Market.

Santa Fe Farmers Market - This popular local attraction, known as one of the top Farmers Market’s in the USA, is right next to the Santa Fe Sage Inn & Suites. It is open year round and it features 150 vendors, showcasing their produce and products both inside the Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion and outside along the concourse area of the property. There are literally hundreds of agricultural products to choose from, making it a great place to visit and enjoy when visiting Santa Fe.

The market started way back in the late 60’s with a small group of area farmers. It has now evolved into a very robust market. It is considered by many as one of the biggest and most well known Farmers Market’s in New Mexico, the country and around the world. When people visit Santa Fe they quite often state that their friends and family that have come to town before tell them they have to visit the Santa Fe Farmers Market on Saturday.

With the number of current vendors numbering 150 plus and the selection of produce and products over 1,000,  the Santa Fe Farmers Market is truly one amazing place to shop for what is good for you. Beginning in 2002 the Santa Fe Farmers Market expanded to year-round. Farmers are using a variety of farming strategies that expand their growing season so fresh produce is available pretty much all year.