The Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

- June 12, 2018

Many people are of the opinion that an adjustable bed base is only needed in hospitals and patient home care. However, this is no longer the case.

Nowadays, the comfort of an adjustable bed base is available to more than just the sick and elderly. These bases are not only available but have become quite affordable for everyday use. This means now you can have the maximum comfort in your bed too!

Adjustable Bed Bases: Better Sleep

Adjustable bed bases help you sleep better by offering multiple features for your comfort.

An adjustable bed base provides you the option to adjust the position of your bed with a remote control. These bases can lift up your legs and head to your preferred setting. There are also options with split models that change the position of each side of the bed separately should you and your partner have different preferences. Certain models even have features such as massage and setting memory for optimum relaxation.

Most bases are available in a variety of sizes to fit your existing mattress. Nowadays, they are available with delivery and installation options to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself.

Let’s have a look at some of the adjustable bed bases that can provide you with maximum comfort.

1.     Vispring Palladium Luxury Beds

If you want a combination of luxury and style, this is the type of bed you need. It can take several positions with just one touch of your remote control. It looks exactly like a flat bed and can support all types of mattresses.

2.     Mantua Rise Collection

This is an exclusive collection available at Sleep And Dream. It is designed to keep costs lower than other brands which gives you a luxury experience at minimal cost. It can support foam, latex, or coil mattresses.

3.     Comfort Base Collection

With these beds, you can easily slide into your comforter to watch television, read a book, or sit up as if in a comfortable chair. It allows you to sleep in the zero gravity position and raise your legs for additional comfort.

With a hectic schedule, comfortable sleep may seem like a far-off dream. With adjustable bed bases, you can get more out of a the little sleep you get than you could ever get with a flat bed. Sleep And Dream luxury bed store in Santa Fe has all of the above adjustable bed bases and more. Come to our store and test one out today! To find out more about us online, visit our website at