The Best Daily Exercises for Seniors

- November 15, 2018

The natural process of aging can bring with it health complications. The body becomes more vulnerable to heart and kidney diseases and your bones become less dense. But a good diet and regular exercise will help you in your old age. If you don’t take care of your body when you’re young, your dotage is going to be unwelcoming.

However, even if you eat and live responsibly, you still can’t avoid the pangs of old age. Feeling sharp pains in the back or legs are common occurrences. Hence, the key to a smooth transition into this period of life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle now.

Don’t start exercising or eat healthy with an indecisive attitude. Exercise is your biggest weapon against any health decline. It can single-handedly slow aging damage and improve your quality of life if done regularly and properly. Here are the best daily exercises for old people that are extremely easy to do:

Light Cardio

To ensure minimal impact on the bones, it’s always a good idea to stick to light cardio. This could be a morning brisk walk in your garden or in a park, a modest jog on the treadmill, or simply flexing your muscles on a stationary bike.

You’ll be amazed at the benefits it has for your heart. There is a proven link between daily brisk walking and reduced heart failure. The gradual loss of stamina and strength in an aging person is actually due to a decrease in physical activity. So if you regularly exercise, you’re less likely to experience the dismal symptoms which other people your age might experience.


While cardio has overall benefits, if you want something that specifically helps reduce arthritis symptoms, yoga can be a wonderful addition to your exercise routine. Deep, conscious breathing while stretching your entire body will readily deliver oxygen to the sore and swollen muscles.

Hatha yoga is specifically designed to strengthen the knees. It works up your inner quad through stretches like the warrior pose. It strengthens your weak muscles. Basic yoga stretches like the child and pigeon pose are also good for improving core strength.

The Chair Stand

If you’re still trying to get the hang of yoga and cardio, the chair stand is one exercise that you can perform daily for your knees. You simply have to stand up and sit down from your chair. However, focus on your motions with long, deep breaths.

This low-impact exercise works up various muscles in the body. Your legs and back gradually become strong.

Remind yourself to get up and move every few hours. Get into the habit of working out and you will definitely notice a remarkable difference in your strength.