The Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science Department at Northern New Mexico College

- September 5, 2017

The mission of the Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science department at Northern New Mexico College is to educate undergraduates in scientific concepts, laboratory methodologies, and the natural environment of northern New Mexico, to prepare them for graduate school and professional career opportunities in the broad sciences and health fields.

We strive to help our students, future scientists, become competitive in the workforce by improving their education with hands-on research and internship experience.

BCES graduates will:

Demonstrate both broad and in-depth knowledge of the basic concepts in the biological sciences.
Apply the scientific method and critical thinking skills to ask important biological questions and help solve biological problems.
Design and conduct experiments, and test hypotheses.
Develop analytical and communication skills as they apply to biological sciences.
Demonstrate the ability to read, understand, and critically review scientific papers; prepare oral and written reports in a standard scientific format.
Understand the career pathways and professions available in the biological sciences and the significance ethics plays in the field.
Be successful in employment with LANL, USFS, BLM, BIA, NMED, other local government and private entities, or graduate school.

BCES Opportunities and Programs:

Attendance at national conferences
Paid local and national internships
Science seminar series
Professional development and employment skills
Undergraduate research experience (URE)
Exposure to primary scientific literature
Community outreach and science education