The Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa Review - January 14, 2008

Just north of the Santa Fe, in the Tesuque (Teh-soo-kay) Valley is a quiet retreat called The Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa. The Bishop's Lodge is named after Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy who built the lodge shortly after arriving in Santa Fe in 1852. Archbishop Lamy built "Villa Pintoresca" as a secluded refuge from the stresses of his work in the growing town of Santa Fe. That tradition of hospitality and quiet reflection live on at today's Bishop's Lodge.

Leaving downtown Santa Fe after a hectic day we drove north on Washington Ave. / Bishop's Lodge Road, up and over the hill and down into the cool and quiet valley below. A winding road guides you slowly back to the central Ranch Building and the heart of the resort. After checking in at the front desk, we left our bags at our room in the Sunset Lodge. As the sun was quickly dropping to the horizon we chose to unwind by hiking one of the many trails that cross the ranch.

The Yellow Trail wraps around the east side of the ranch buildings and loops back up crossing the Nature Walk trail. We made a short jaunt along the Yellow Trail as the sun dropped below the horizon, painting the clouds and sky with extraordinary color. Our walk was refreshing and served to whet our appetites for a drink and desert.

We returned to the Central Lodge and made our way to the Oasis Bar & Grill. We selected two wines by the glass and an apricot crumble dessert. We sat on the outdoor patio and enjoyed a fire lit in the nearby kiva fireplace as the sky darkened and the stars came out. With a chill in the air we finished our wine and delicious apricot crumble and made our way back to the Sunset Lodge.

All of the Bishop's Lodge has a history and each building reflects the era in which it was built. The Sunset Lodge is one of the more recent buildings and has the modern conveniences many of us expect. A large bedroom houses a king size bed, kiva fireplace, sitting area, an outdoor patio and even WiFi Internet access. The bathroom features a dual vanity with an array of exclusive soaps and a roomy tub. Following our action-packed day in Santa Fe our room was an calm oasis indeed.

We awoke slowly the next morning, not ready to let go of our calm quite yet. We encourage you to stay and explore the resort and SháNah Spa. The Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort has an extensive list of activities for the whole family and more kid-friendly or grown-up activities depending on your preferences. Camp Apaloosa offers a full range of morning and afternoon fun for children ages 5 to 11. The SháNah Spa & Wellness Center also offers a complete menu of exercise and spa treatment options. Check with the concierge for a list of the day's activities.