The City of Mud

Inspiring Art

The City of Mud

There have been numerous attempts at creating alternative art, such as the odd pair of glasses that managed to pass off as art at an exhibit in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. However, all of them end up being rather lackluster and uninspiring, at best having a comedic effect. This damages the reputation of any form of art that doesn’t have any semblance to mainstream paintings. Not so at the City of Mud where we found pieces of art that would inspire even the most disconnected of souls to start seeing the world in a new light.  

Browsing through the shop we found jewelries that blend the obscurity of 18th century African artwork with the comforts of modern day technology. Prices are somewhat affordable at a rather comfortable price range of $125 to $225, ensuring that one is able to treat their better half to some of the finest in enthusiast jewelry.

The City of Mud in Santa Fe also has various lighting, rugs and even tableware for art enthusiasts who want to convert every nook and corner of their homes to a giant piece of art. One such example of high end furniture is the Kartell Sparkle End Table/Stool. It is made of transparent polycarbonate and gives off the same hues as a fine piece of amber does, all the while looking transparent and cool. It is priced at around $320. There are five different colors to choose from.  

Artifact and Collectibles
A unique feature about the City of Mud is their ability to hand craft authentic African ceremonial objects such as the Bamboo Pot, the Metal Statuary and the rather frightening Chokwe Mwana Pwo Mask. These objects are created specifically for those who enjoy ancient African art. Most of these pieces are obtained by the superrich to bring a unique ‘ancient’ appeal to their home décor.  

Canvas painting
There is plenty of canvas painting to choose from at the City of Mud’s Facebook shop. One of these include the $2400 acrylic portrait of two giant dinosaurs preparing to maul each other while two scantily dressed humans look on in horror. It accurately paints a frightening picture of what a normal human’s response would be when witnessing colossal creatures fighting it out.

Additionally, a series of paintings called the “Haunted Island” shows the story of a man who is trapped on an island with malevolent forces present. Each panel shows his struggles to escape these dark forces. Painted by artist Scott Hampton, he managed to bring an entire comic story to the table, by painstakingly painting it on acrylic paper. Each panel costs around $300, encouraging art collectors to catch ‘em all.

The City of Mud in Sante Fe has a strong belief in commitment to the art community, hosting musicals, book signings and art exhibitions where artists can marvel at the work or prospective buyers can browse through art pieces they usually end up buying. Some of these exhibitions include the 2nd Annual Tableware Show and the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) which was held to address health issues related to the impacts of uranium mining.