The Compound Restaurant

The Contemporary Compound

The Compound Restaurant

The Compound in Santa Fe, NM is a fine dining restaurant owned by Chef Mark Kiffin, who is celebrated locally for making Southwestern foods. He has been proclaimed “Best Chef in the Southwest” by James Beard Foundation. He has an experience of working,  teaching and writing for the restaurant industry for over 25 years.

A Bit of History

Before it was a restaurant, the Compound was the center house of the McComb Compound, a collection of houses on Canyon Road. Many famous people including wealthy industrialists used to have a secret getaway in Santa Fe in the early 20th century.

It was one of the visitors, Will, and his wife Barbara Houghton who acquired this central house, transforming it into a restaurant. A celebrated designer by the name of Alexander Girard was bought in and made the Compound the way it is now.

Using the traditional and fresh contemporary ingredients influenced by Santa Fe, as well as some Mediterranean ones, Kiffin makes the mouth-watering contemporary entrées that are the Compound boasts as a fine dining restaurant in Santa Fe, NM.

Ambiance and Staff

The service is attentive and friendly. The patrons take care of your orders and of you in the cozy, warm and pretty classy ambiance of the compound. Light décor presents the look and feel on an upscale fine dining restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. The atmosphere is lively when the restaurant has guests and the aroma of the food all around entices one even more.

The entrance looks like it’s not a big deal. Inside, the restaurant is large and spacious. It’s almost like a perfectly well lit and immaculately decorated cave for people to dine in. There is even a small garden which adds to the Compound’s lively atmosphere. This atrium garden is great for special events. 

Good to go for Private Parties

You can even get the place arranged for private dining and parties. The outside patio is the one with the garden and a marble fountain and many flowers. It’s great for a wedding rehearsal dinner. It can even be great for corporate dinners as the classy ambiance sets the tone for a formal dinner. Up to 75 guests can be accommodated in this seating area.

The garden room presents a view of the outside garden patio and has spacious tables for a party of maximum 18 people. It can be great for a large family dinner or cocktail party.

The Menu

The menu contains a lot of great entrées and a selection of wine and cocktails that best compliments the entrées. The Gruet Blanc de Noir is one from the Compound’s selection of exquisite wines.

The two must order entrées are the Bittersweet Chocolate Torte and the Foie gras with sweetbreads. The Chocolate torte is oozing with chocolate, in a good way. The smooth texture of the chocolate was perfectly juxtaposed by the bittersweet tuile cookie.

The Foie gras comes with a sherry which perfectly complements the Foie Gras. The Foie is silky with a crisp outside texture. Sweet breads are mouth wateringly done right and are neither very soft nor firm.