The Ranch House

Best Barbecue in Santa Fe

The Ranch House, Santa Fe, NM Restaurant

The Ranch House offers variety when it comes to American cuisine. They claim to provide something for everyone whether you want to go for the healthy options, barbecue, or others. The atmosphere is warm as well as cozy—suitably fitting for families.


In 2005 Josh Baum and his wife, Ann Gordon, began a small restaurant to exhibit the passion for smoked meats. A mainstay of Santa Fe is what Josh’s barbecue became and after a period of five years it outgrew the little spot on Zafarano Drive. Later in 2011 Josh Baum and Ann Gordon broadened their vision and shifted to a space that was larger. The Ranch House is that result. Not claimed to be your average BBQ joint, this barbecue restaurant in Santa Fe, NM serves the signature specialties of Josh Baum in a setting that is casually sophisticated.


They maintain the demanding standards when it comes to their ingredients. Stating that there is no Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or partially hydrogenated oil added to any of their dishes. The dairy products they use are hormone-free just like their beef, which is also free of antibiotics. Farms, that promote open grazing, is where their hormone-free dairy products come from.

Josh Baum has an attachment to Santa Fe, because it is his hometown, which is why his culinary career has taken him to places that are exciting. He is pleased to be back in the city he loves in addition to doing what he loves while being there.  

Special needs

The kitchen at The Ranch House also caters to people who might have special dietary requirements, in addition to offering an assortment of gluten-free options. You  can get your order served specifically to your dietary needs.