The Santa Fe Stories Project Launches

Staff | - December 6, 2013

Interactive multimedia project seeks funding

From a Santa Fe Stories media release.

(Listen to an interview with project coordinators)

Organizers announced today the launch of The Santa Fe Stories Project, a multimedia effort to document Santa Fe's post-World War II history and present the material through a city-wide, interactive, and mobile museum of historical hotspots.

Santa Fe's distant past is very well-documented. Its origin history, wild west narrative, turn-of-the-century boom, and atomic involvement are part of Santa Fe's identity. However, a key era of Santa Fe's past is missing, what we are calling the “Post-WWII Era,” roughly spanning from 1945 to 1990.

How the Project Will Work

The Santa Fe Stories Project will seek submissions of material from the public through a form on the Santa Fe Stories Project website between now until April, 2014. Organizers will also meet with specific and recommended people along the way.

The project anticipates collecting some 1000 pieces of history that are tied to a specific location across Santa Fe. This collection will be made up of images, audio and video storytelling, news articles and written accounts. These 1000 locations will be mapped on a website that will enable users to experience Santa Fe's “old school” history through a location-based interface on their computers.

In June of 2014, the project becomes even more exciting. This is when users can begin interacting with these 1000 hotspots on their mobile devices, to create an interactive, real-time experience. For example, someone might walk into Tune-Up Cafe and see the project's logo and a scannable QR code on the menu. After they scan the code with their device, a photograph appears, showing Tune-Up Cafe as it appeared when it was Dave’s Not Here, or when it was Tomasita’s.  In that moment, the viewer will experience an immediate and location-based connection with Santa Fe's past. Santa Fe Stories will create 1000 of these site-specific connections to history.

Funding The Project

The Santa Fe Stories Project, sponsored by the Santa Fe V.I.P. and coordinated by Vince Kadlubek, will be free to use by anyone with a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. But to fund the project they are looking for business sponsorship, family sponsorship, foundation funding and individual contributions. The best way for individuals to support the project is by visiting our Kickstarter campaign at

To submit stories or images of Santa Fe visit