‘Things People Do’ Filming in New Mexico

Editor | - May 1, 2013

'...sometimes the only thing worse than getting caught is getting away with it'

New Mexico Film Office director Nick Maniatis has announced that Brace Cove Productions is shooting “Things People Do” in New Mexico starring Wes Bentley ("Hunger Games," "American Beauty)", Vinessa Shaw ("3:10 to Yuma") Haley Bennett ("Untitled Malick" "Project V") and Jason Isaacs ("The Patriot"). Production will end early May in and around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. 

The production will employ at least 25 New Mexico crewmembers and 100 New Mexico principals and background talent.

Produced by Sarah Green (Academy Award nominee - "The Tree of Life"), Hans Graffunder ("Somebody Up There Likes Me") and Christos V. Konstatakopoulos ("Before Midnight)".  Saar Klein a two-time Academy Award nominee for his work editing Terrence Malick’s "The Thin Red Line" and Cameron Crowe’s "Almost Famous" will direct.  Executive producers include Doug Liman, Nicolas Gonda, Ryan Rettig, Michael Macs, Kurt Billick and David Klein.

“We’re delighted to be shooting “Things People Do” in New Mexico, producers Sarah Green and Hans Graffunder said. “Great crew, great cast, great locations and great weather.”

In “Things People Do” Bill Scanlin (Bentley) loses his job and, unable to tell his wife Susan (Shaw) for fear of losing his family, embarks on a life of crime.  He befriends a detective, Frank McTiernan (Isaacs), who has chosen to uphold the law for a living but believes very little in its value.  Ruby (Bennett) the first stranger to show him kindness, inspires Bill to commit to a crime in her honor and he starts to enjoy his newfound power.  As Bill stays ahead of the law, he discovers that sometimes the only thing worse than getting caught is getting away with it.  

From a New Mexico Film Office press release...