Top Things to Think About Regarding Laptop Repair in Santa Fe - March 10, 2017

When repairing your laptop consider answering the following:

1) Should I repair or should I replace?  

If you have an older laptop it may be wise to just purchase a new one. Why? Because repairing a laptop can cost more than buying a new one.

Some examples can include a damaged LCD screen, a broken motherboard and a severed laptop case. Most of these are costly and can range from $300-$700.

2) What should I do with my data (whether repairing or replacing)?

Daily backups to protect your data! While some laptop repair services offer data recovery with their repairs it is never a good idea to count on this. Make sure to do your research on your repair service to ensure trustworthy work. Backing up your data will also allow you to access your data when your laptop is getting repaired.

3) If I choose to repair how much will it cost?

In order to give a quote, most services need to determine what is wrong with your laptop. Sometimes this in and of itself is a cost. Some flat rate companies do not disclose or forewarn you of the cost of the parts it takes to repair. Do your research and do not ship your laptop out to a company without understanding what goes into determining the final overall bill.

4) Are all laptop repairs handled equally?

The answer is no. While one company might replace the part that is broken, when another might take a deeper dive to figure out the origin of the problem saving you a lot on the overall cost. Ask lots of questions to understand how the company handles the laptop repair. Fixing any computer device is something people think about everywhere. For example for laptop repair in Santa Fe, computer owners have to decide if they should hire a local computer repair business or should they go buy a new one. 

What is the final take-away? Ask questions, do your research and always backup your data.