Top Tips on Moving and Packing

- June 12, 2017

Moving to a new house can be an exciting event for the whole family, but it comes with the burden of packing up every single item in your house as well. If the packing and moving process is done carelessly, you could end up with a load of cluttered items mixed up. If your items get mixed up, it will make relocating into the new house a very hectic and distressing experience.

Poor preparation can result in weeks passing by and the house remaining an unlivable condition. To unpack your house completely in a short period of time you will have to take care from the start i.e. while packing your belongings. Here are some tips on how to pack and move.

Choose the right day to move

The choice of the right day is a very important task and many people tend to overlook it. The best choice, if possible, is a working day. During the weekend, movers have a very tight schedule and tend to have high quoted prices as well. Choosing the first three days of the week is most desirable as it allows for a less stressful experience and can even present the opportunity for discounted rates.

Get the moving boxes

The next step is getting the boxes in which you will be moving your items. You would need boxes of al sizes ranging from small to large. Since many items such as books would not require large boxes to be shifted, you can visit your local grocery or retail store to get empty boxes which are usually not of any use for those shopkeepers. If you have original boxes of your electronic items then this makes half of your work easy; being specific to the shape and size of your electronics, you would not have to spend time searching the right shaped box if you can find the original boxes of electronic items.

Label moving boxes

Naming the boxes correctly is the most important thing in the moving process. For instance, you can choose to make a separate box of kitchen items and label it so. When you will reach your new home it will be very easy as all the kitchen items will be in one box.

Set aside stuff to sell

During the course of packing items, you may find a lot of stuff which you would want to sell off. Place them separately so that they do not get mixed up in your moving items.

Get packing items and moving supplies

Before starting the packing and moving process, visit your local hardware store to get nails and screws which will be necessary for your new house. Additionally, your new house might require extension cords and more light bulbs so it is important to buy such items before moving in. Secondly, you should get the items required for packing your belongings, such as taping material for sealing boxes and permanent markers for labeling them.

Don’t forget to change the address

Many homeowners forget to change the mailing address for the bills to be received. Change your address before you get busy in the moving process so that your bills and items don’t get shipped to the wrong address.


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