- April 10, 2017

One of the many projects Abraham putting in motion during his trip to Kenya is getting a trailer for Big Blue to haul the heavy things we have to move. He looked at the trailers for sale in Nakuru and Eldoret and concluded that they are not well made. They could tip over on the rough roads and will break down sooner or later. So, Abraham decided to have a trailer built. These guys he knows have built plenty of custom trailers doing and it will take a week, everything brand new and strong and sized just right for our needs. 

In response to my questions, Abraham texted me a paraphrase of something that our friend Steve “King of the Mountain” Gachupin shared with us years ago: “we’re making our own trail.” Its true for us and now that we have a tractor, we will make our own trails and more in Abraham’s village on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. I replied “we’re making our own trailer! ;-0”

Abraham had his first trailer made by Director Terrence Malik –for the movie Voyage of Time (check out Abraham at the 1:13 mark!)  Five years ago, Abraham heard about a local casting call, showed up and next thing he knew was invited to a film shoot that ended up taking place over several months on trips to the White Sands, the badlands west of Socorro, someplace a ways out of Chama and way up in the mountains between Durango and Silverton. 

Imagine. Abraham grew up on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, with misty equatorial pine forest wilderness all around. One of his earliest memories is of a German paratrooper. Sometimes he would spot parachutes above the edge of the Rift and this time one landed close by! Abraham didn’t understand what the Mzungu solder was saying, but he liked the candy that the soldier gave him and from that moment on wanted nothing less than to fly.

Years later, during his 7 years in the training camp not far from Matunget, Abraham watched Dances with Wolves and wondered about the Native Americans in the movie. He had never heard about these people before and was amazed, at the end of his world travels and races a decade later to find himself living in the Pueblo of Pojoaque, 13.1 miles north of Santa Fe and working with Native Americans at the Pojoaque Pueblo Wellness Center. Abraham realized that “these people are just like my people!” His indigenous perspective resulted in creation of Global Running Culture, in recognition of the fact that running is one activity that all cultures share. Since then, we and our families have devoted ourselves to our mission of bettering the lives of youth through the powers of sport and education in 3 communities where running is a vital part of the culture.

We are focused on completing the school before end of year and will be sharing information about our fundraising efforts to facilitate completion of the project. We are 8 years into a journey that is turning into reality in Abraham’s village, advancing an amazing vision and lifelong passion of Abraham’s Mum Margaret, which is being carried on by Abraham’s sister Emily. Building a new school in Matunget will spin the wheel that Margaret created faster, propelling the children of the village on trajectories of hope and opportunity. Thank you for sharing our journey.

Smooth Running,

Joseph Karnes

Race Director