Who Is Katha Pollitt? 5 Things You Should Know

One thing: She's been named Freethought Heroine of the Year. . .read more. . .

  1. She is the author of PRO, one of the best-reviewed, most-discussed books of 2014, named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
  2. She has been named the "Freethought Heroine of the Year"
  3. She is the author of more than 250 pieces of nonfiction, as well as dozens of poem. 
  4. Her short story “Learning to Drive” has been made into a movie starring Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson.
  5. She is best known for her bimonthly column "Subject to Debate" in The Nation magazine, but she has also been featured in The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine, Ms. Magazine, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Glamour, Mother Jones, and the London Review of Books

5 Reasons to Attend the Sep. 12 Book Signing at the Santa Fe School of Cooking and Conversation at the James A. Little Theater

  1. The Santa Fe School of Cooking is serving a very special meal for this occasion in its beautiful setting where you can speak to the author and meet other dedicated, local supporters of abortion rights.
  2. The proceeds from these events will support Santa Fe NOW’s reproductive justice activities and the Pro-Choice Safety Network Fund, which helps low-income women in New Mexico pay for non-medical, abortion-related expenses such as childcare, food, and transportation.
  3. Local and national anti choice organizations are more committed to ending a woman’s access to abortion and reproductive health care than any other time since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973.
  4. United States Senators have opening associated themselves with radical fringe groups dedicated to shutting down Planned Parenthood’s basic health services for 2.7 million women, men and teens.
  5. The time to fight back is now!  Tickets are still available for both events at the SANTA FE NOW .