You Need an Adjustable Bed Base

- July 20, 2018

Did you know that an adjustable bed base could help alleviate pain related to some of your health problems? Most people sleep on a plain, flat bed. It’s not by choice but because they have forever known just one type of bed.

What once was thought as a bed mostly used for hospital or geriatric patients, is now considered a luxury, all because adjustable beds make you healthier. Lay down a memory foam on top and you will be surprised at the fulfilling sleep you will get.

Why Is an Adjustable Bed Base a Much Better Option than a Flat Bed Base?

The problem with a flat bed base is that it forces you to lie in potentially improper positions. If you have a back problem, then this problem worsens. As for sleeping sideways, this causes circulation and breathing problems. Every person has a different sleeping style and an adjustable bed base makes sure that the mattress contours to the individual’s body. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that an adjustable bed base offers:

Alleviates Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Both these problems are associated with insomnia. If you sleep beside your partner and he or she snores, then you know how annoying the sound can become in the night. Snoring usually occurs when a person is lying flat on a surface. This puts extra pressure on the windpipe and forces it close, which produces the snoring sound. Lying on an adjustable bed relieves the pressure from the windpipe and allows the person to breathe freely

Sleep apnea is alleviated when you sleep in your preferred position without any stress. The angled position helps improve airflow, give you uninterrupted sleep and reduce nasal obstructions.

Lessens Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Even when you go to bed on a half full stomach, you could be stricken with heartburn or acid reflux. This happens because lying flat gives the stomach acids a pathway to travel to the esophagus. In situations like these, it is recommended to sleep in a position where your head is inclined at least 6 to 8 inches, which helps keep the acid away from your throat and in the stomach.

Enhances Circulation

An adjustable bed contours to an individual’s body allowing them to sleep in whichever position, without putting pressure on any particular points. This allows blood to flow freely throughout the body and also enhances oxygen flow.

Reduces Leg Swelling

From people suffering due to a hurt limb to a pregnant woman’s swollen feet, such problems are aggravated further when lying flat. This causes the fluids to pool into the leg, which increases inflammation. When the leg is raised, the fluids follow their natural path and are distributed evenly, putting less pressure on the body. This not only decreases swelling but also improves health.

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