Audi Issues Worth Keeping an Eye on -
Just like all other vehicles, even your precious Audi can run into issues from time to time. The best way to keep up with your vehicle is to ensure you have full checkups on your car whenever you get the oil changed, but even with those regular checkups sometimes things might still happen to your vehicle. That’s why here at Executive Automotive we make sure we do everything we can to keep your car in pristine condition for the longest time possible. Even with our quality of work, there are a few things you’ll want to occasionally look into to keep your car as healthy as possible. Oil Leaks One of the easiest things to keep an eye on is if your oil is leaking. Even with the immaculate German engineering that is in place in your Audi, there is still a chance for an oil leak, just like with any other vehicle. It’s important to catch on to oil leaks quickly, not only because it’s an essential liquid needed for your vehicle to run, but also because if a leak is bad enough there is a chance that the leak can negatively affect your electric components connected to your engine. Here at Executive Automotive, we pride ourselves on being your most reliable source for identifying and repairing any issues your Audi might have with oil leaks. Cam/Timing Belt Your timing belt is an integral part of your engine, if there’s an issue with your timing belt there’s a chance that you can have total engine failure. Some key giveaways to look for if you might be having timing belt issues are things from some clicking or rattling sounds while your vehicle is idled, to finding metal shavings or debris in your engine oil. If you have had your Audi for anywhere close to 5 years or more without having the timing belt changed, it might be time! It is recommended that you get your timing belt replaced about every 5 years to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Our mechanics will be able to identify and if needed repair any issues with your timing belt on your beloved Audi. Peculiar Sounds If you manage to hear some sounds even when your Audi isn’t idling, there could be an issue in the axle CV Boot. This could indicate that your vehicle’s axle joint does not have enough lubricating grease. This could be a costly repair if the whole axle needs to be replaced, so it’s best to try and immediately replace the CV Boot as soon as it rips. This can help you reduce costs that will be much cheaper than rebuilding or replacing your entire axle. Here at Executive Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the premier European automotive service and repair shop, and your one-stop-shop for all your repair needs. When you come into Executive Automotive we make sure to give you and your Audi all the attention needed to make for an impactful, efficient, and effective service stop. This article was posted by Olivia

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