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Did you know 1 in 10 adults, and 1 in 6 youth ages 18 – 25 in New Mexico have a substance use disorder? It’s a reality that impacts all of us, our communities, our schools, our businesses, and our families. The Santa Fe Recovery Center invites you to stand up and help bring awareness to this important issue, with Rally 4 Recovery, a free event for the entire family, with a special guest star, to show support for individuals in recovery and the many organizations that serve them. Rally 4 Recovery takes place Saturday, September 23, 2023, from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds.

What Can You Expect at Rally 4 Recovery?

Unlike many events of this kind, Rally 4 Recovery isn’t a fundraiser in the classic sense. Instead, it is designed to promote all organizations in the area, to reduce stigma around recovery, and to help promote wellness and activity for the community.

To that end, it is sponsored by area businesses and organizations to help bring awareness to the multitude of recovery resources available in our region. Throughout the event, short presentations and commentary will be made by leaders and guests, including cultural performances relevant to the community.

There is no entry cost, nor are you expected to give anything in return, except your time and your willingness to show support, by enjoying the events and activities being offered. Though the cause is serious, the name of the game is family fun.

There will be food, entertainment, activities, and more, while dozens of exhibitors and organizations will be on hand to provide information and discuss their goals. The kid’s zone will have a variety of fun activities, animals, face painting, and art projects, as well as competitions and prizes. Live entertainment is also part of the package. As added incentive to take part in the activities, for those attendees who visit a certain number of booths, free food will be provided by local food trucks.

A Special Appearance

A highlight of this year’s event will be a performance by Country music recording artist and winner of Season 15 of The VoiceChevel Shepherd. Hailing from Farmington, New Mexico, she is a true native spirit, whose star is on the rise as a country singer and an actress.

Chevel Shepherd

Since winning the reality show, Chevel has released several popular singles on streaming platforms, a well-received Christmas album, and has starred in the film Wildfire, inspired by a country song of the same name by Michael Martin Murphy. She’s also gained a following in her home state and will perform free of charge to raise awareness and promote this community event.

Getting the Word Out

Presenting sponsors for this event are: Santa Fe County, Rodeo de Santa Fe, Santa Fe Recovery Center, Recovery Communities of New Mexico and Western Sky Community Care. Volunteers will be wearing branded t-shirts, to make them easy to find. Paid media will also be sharing information about the sponsors and the event itself.

About Santa Fe Recovery Center

Santa Fe Recovery Center works with individuals to sustain lasting recovery from substance abuse disorders and related mental health disorders by providing culturally relevant, evidence-based treatment and education in partnership with other community organizations. Santa Fe Recovery Center leadership is made up of clinicians, medical professionals and business leaders with significant experience working in addiction treatment, mental health, and human services. They are committed to supporting those who struggle with substance use disorder and related mental illness in New Mexico and throughout the country.

For more information about Rally 4 Recovery, including a rundown of all the sponsors and organizations taking part in the event, visit the website.

This article was posted by David Salcido

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