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Beatles Albums Jazzed Up- February 2018

There are several good jazz Beatles compilations and artists who have put out albums that are solely Beatles songs. In no particular order…

Lisa Lauren- Loves The Beatles

Just recently discovered this and absolutely love it! Even if you never heard of the Beatles this is a great album.

The Hot Club of San Francisco- John, Paul, George and Django

Released last year.  As you can tell, Django style Beatles, both vocals (one in French) and instrumentals.

Connie Evingson- Let It Be Jazz

Not the strongest album but a nice variety of songs. Kinda grows on you.

Michael Occhipinti & Shine On- The Universe of Lennon

A Canadian band geared toward Lennon’s songs. Great versions of Rain, I Am the Walrus and I’m Only Sleeping.

Count Basie- Basie’s Beatle Bag- 1966  and On the Beatles- 1969

They somewhat reluctantly did a total Beatles album and it worked out so well they did another. Typical swingin’  Basie style.

Keely Smith- Sings the John Lennon Paul McCartney Songbook

She just passed away recently. Known for some of her work with Louis Prima. Just found this- looks like it was just a re-release last year.  Some sappy, some classy.

Al Di Meola- All Your Life

Who would’ve thought? All solo guitar.

San Francisco String Trio- May I Introduce to You

Just released last year. They do the entire Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  with a mixture of vocals and instrumentals. Kind of wish they had done them in order.

Ramsey Lewis- Plays the Beatles Songbook

Typical Ramsey style but with some odd intros. There are some better songs from various compilations.

As for compilations:

The Beatles In Jazz- a 2 CD set of European jazz artists.

The Number 1 Jazz Beatles Album by Verve.

Blue Note Plays the Beatles.

Other compilations seem so-so with some smooth jazz versions mixed in. Other songs I just happen to find. Hope this helps all you Beatles/Jazz fans! Please let me know if you know of any other good albums.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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