The Many Great Benefits of Independent Living Communities
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Many active seniors contemplate the transition to an independent living community when they desire to downsize from a spacious home or seek a maintenance-free lifestyle. Let’s explore the advantages of making this move.

Individual Housing within a Community

The types of housing in independent living communities vary greatly, but residents can expect an apartment, a duplex, or small cottage that is yours to furnish and decorate as you wish. Being part of a community doesn’t mean giving up personal freedom. You can engage in activities you enjoy, come and go as you please, and make your own decisions about daily life. You get the benefits of community living without sacrificing your independence.

Imagine the freedom of independent living at Kingston Residence of Santa Fe, offering roomy, cozy apartments for your privacy, along with the opportunity to socialize with fellow residents in communal spaces at your convenience.

Family and Friends are Welcome

Because your home is your own, you can have visitors either at your home or in one of many community areas that are open to visiting family or friends. There’s no need to feel isolated from family members or friends outside of the community.

Kingston Residence of Santa Fe common area
Spacious common areas are available for gathering and having friends and family over for visits.

Social Opportunities in Independent living communities

Independent living communities often organize a variety of social activities, which can include group outings, game nights, book clubs, holiday parties, fitness and art classes, and more. These activities provide numerous opportunities for residents to connect and build friendships, contributing to a strong sense of community and alleviating social isolation.

Kingston Residence of Santa Fe games
Residents enjoying games at Kingston Residence of Santa Fe

Maintenance-Free Living

One major benefit of living in an independent living community is that you are not responsible for home maintenance, yard work, or housekeeping. This allows you to enjoy your retirement years without worrying about the chores associated with owning a home. You can take a walk in the beautiful grounds knowing that you’ll never have to mow the lawn or prune a shrub, and when repairs are needed, someone else takes care of them.

Kingston Residence of Santa Fe grounds


While independent living communities do come at a cost, they often include utilities, maintenance, meals, and various amenities in their pricing. If you currently own a home, you’re paying for homeowners’ insurance, utilities, possibly lawn and/or pool maintenance, plus the associated equipment, and, in some cases, HOA fees. If you add up the costs of the services provided by an independent living facility, your rent and fees are likely less expensive than what you’re paying now, making an independent living facility an affordable housing option.

Community Amenities

Instead of getting in the car or taking public transportation to the library or senior center, you can walk — or take the shuttle — to those conveniences. You can prepare meals in your home on the premises, or you can head over to the dining hall and enjoy a freshly prepared meal with your friends. Independent living communities frequently offer fitness centers, swimming pools, walking trails, and wellness programs designed to keep seniors active and healthy. 

If you do want to venture out into the city, you’ll find that most facilities, like Kingston Residence of Santa Fe, have a resident concierge shuttle ready to take you out to a play or restaurant.

Safety and Security

Independent living communities often have enhanced security measures such as monitored entrances, security personnel, and emergency response systems. This can provide peace of mind for both residents and their families.

Age in Place

While independent living communities are designed for those who are relatively self-sufficient, many are located on campuses that also offer assisted living and nursing care. This means that if your health needs change over time, you may be able to transition to a higher level of care without having to move away from your community.

This is a wonderful advantage for spouses who move to independent living together, but at some point one of them needs to transition to memory care. 

Kingston Residence of Santa Fe has provisions in place  to ensure that couples in this situation get to spend time together by bringing residents in memory care to special events so they can join their spouse and enjoy special events as a couple.

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Easy Access to Healthcare

Many independent living communities are located near medical facilities, and some even have healthcare professionals on-site, making it easy to access medical care when needed. 

At Kingston Residence of Santa Fe, you can count on in-room call buttons, on-staff nurse practitioners, 24-hour nursing on site, and 24-hour in-house emergency response — providing you with peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

These are some of the benefits of choosing an independent living community as your home. The choice is yours of course, but there are some compelling reasons to consider this option. When you start looking into it, contact a representative at Kingston Residence of Santa Fe for a tour of their facility and see if their independent living community is for you.

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