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As a consumer, musician, disc jockey, researcher, lecturer, writer, seller and buyer, music has been the core of my existence. This has been the case from the time I acquired Elvis Presley's “Hound Dog” at age six—on a 78, as that’s what kids played at the time—through the 33 1/3 years I co-owned and operated a new/used record store called Flat, Black & Circular.

It was amazing to play in a band, as a 13-year-old in 1963, then see what happened when the Beatles hit these shores the next year. Producing and hosting two radio shows on a public station in the early days of NPR was exciting. Having Captain Beefheart record station ID’s was certainly a highlight.

In recent years I’ve taken to researching and writing about the earliest versions of popular and hit songs. After having articles published in the record collecting magazine Discoveries, I combined and expanded that information on a website: www.OriginalsProject.us.

My knowledge and experience have led to excavating some amazing, often surprising, stories behind the music we love. I'm eager to share anecdotes, insights and observations with those of you who have lived through the era, or who are simply fascinated by the culture of music. Your input is welcome and encouraged.

Look forward to revealing stories, such as when the Beatles were butchers, how Led Zeppelin perfected the art (and business) of “borrowing” songs and where exactly it was that the "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

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