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The Way I See Things # 1


“I am what I am.”  Popeye the Sailor Man


Greetings all.  Welcome to my column, my blog, my public ranting and ravings.  This will be a regular feature on (you’ve been warned), and I’m hoping to get you folks interested, excited, invigorated, whatever.  This is your site too.  Comments and opposing viewpoints are not only welcome, they are encouraged.

So in order for you to understand me -- and why I write what I write, my boss (“el jefe” as I like to call him – or as he likes to call himself), has asked me compose an introduction of sorts, so you can get a grip on my perspective.  After all, this column is called “The Way I See Things”.  Once you digest this first rant, you may understand why.  Or not.  Whatever.  World, meet Eric -- hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I am not a Santa Fe native.  I was born in Philadelphia (through the usual portal).  From an early age I was diagnosed as a screaming extrovert with a rapier-like mind.  High IQ, low social skills, no redeeming value.  What else could I do but become a child actor?  (Hold the jokes, please.)  Acted all through high school.  Went to college, not acting school (Thanks parents).  Studied Radio, TV, and Film.  Was the program director and a DJ and at the college dorm radio station because I missed having an audience (do you see a pattern emerging?).  Carried gear for my buddy’s band – then did lights and sound and took the band photos.  My first job out of college was with one of the top radio stations in Philly – doing marketing, concert reports, etc.  Got to work the first Live Aid and meet Chrissie Hynde and Martha Quinn!!!  Did more music stuff too -- produced CD’s, managed bands, put on concerts.  Took lots of concert photos.  Got my picture taken with lots of somewhat famous people.  Wrote for a few local papers.  Worked for a record label.  Got a gig in NY with Billboard Magazine.  Got married somewhere in there.  Worked for a NY promoter, then Warner Brothers, doing more concerts and festivals.  WB moved me to Nashville.  Did that scene for a while.  Got to know and hang with lots of country folks.  Managed a big country tour for a few years.  Got to see most of the United States.  More concerts and festivals.  Wife went back to NY.  D – I – V – O – R – C – E.  (See, I know country music.)  Then I moved to Dallas chasing after a crazy girl.  Didn’t like the town much, (or the girl either in a short time) but made some good friends there.  Worked a few more shows and festivals.  Another crazy ex- moved me to LA for a year. Got to work the Grammy Awards and a Superbowl. Then back to Dallas.  After doing my own thing for a while, a local company (no names please) offered me a gig here, and relocated me to the “Land of Enchantment and No Water”.  Did sponsorship for them – more concerts and festivals.  (Anyone surprised at that?)  Met a great girl at the office.  Got married.  Again.  Much better choice this time.  Left the corporate scene after a few years to work with bands.  (Don’t ask why.)  Now this.

So what you’ll hear from me is a well-traveled big city boy’s perspective on this little town.  70,000 people, jeez.  My college had more students in it than that.  Most of what I’ll write about will have something to do with the arts (so to speak).  I have an unfinished novel, lots of songs, and quite a few other things I’ve written, so I’ll share my thoughts on that piece of life.  Since I’ve also managed, written about, and produced CD’s for a number of bands across the country, I (usually) know what I’m talking about in the area of music.  And because I was basically a film major in college (and involved in our own film festival here for a while) – I watched a bunch of movies and can speak eloquently (as if) on that medium.  I read lots, so I can talk books too.  I’ve been to Paris and some of Italy, so I can also speak travel, culture, and history to some degree. And I have an opinion on almost anything.  True dat.  So let’s enjoy our time together and see if we can start a dialogue (as opposed my monologues, which get redundant, even to me).  Gauntlet thrown, response requested --

Photo by Lisa Law

Next time:  Which Beatle did I meet, and who did he want his photo taken with?  (Hint:  not me.)