Jessie Baca

The Hitching Post

Hello there!  My name is Jessie Abrams Baca.  I am an event designer by way of classically trained painter, floral designer and sushi sous chef (say that ten times fast).  Originally from California, I came to Santa Fe in 2005.  I began working with Artichokes and Pomegranates as a floral designer and came to know and love the wedding destinations around town.  After being asked to help plan a friend's wedding, I poured over every Martha Stewart Weddings ever written and was hooked.  The planning came naturally as I have a little OCD and a little creative ADD.  Hello left-logistical-list making brain, meet right- creative- conceptual-a little crazy brain.

After several wedding planning jobs I decided to make a business card and "give the cat a name".  MARRIED by Jessie Abrams Baca was born and now I pretty much eat, sleep and dream weddings.  Though I must admit, they are not tulle covered, poofy dress, in-the-box weddings.  I get goosebumps over quirky, untraditional, unique weddings.  The ones where the bride wears a gold dress, processes down the aisle to The Cure played on a flamenco guitar, the cocktail hour has games, dinner is served family style and the dessert isn't cake!  ***Disclaimer: it's not that I don't LOVE tradition, but I love infusing it in different ways through the wedding, for example: using Grandma's apple pie recipe to create a tasty dessert that everyone will go gaga over.

Luckily for me, Santa Fe is a place that embraces the odd, ignites the sparks of new ideas and totally allows you to create a truly memorable event for all involved.  So welcome to the Land of Enchantment; the big blue skies will wow your guests, the sunsets will be posted all over Facebook and the chile will have you hooked.  It truly is a wonderful place to bring your family and friends together and get HITCHED!

Getting Hitched in the Old West

" are transported to an Old West town, complete with saloons, barbers, jailhouses and banks" | Jessie Baca

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