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Veggie Trails

I have never eaten meat. This bothers most people.  When I was a kid, my classmates would dangle their bologna in my face.  Friends, or even parents of friends, joked about hiding meat in my food.  Some actually did hide meat in my food (unsuccessfully).

However, I was actually quite a bland eater until I had to give up gluten last year (no more pasta?!) Fortunately, I had already decided to move to Santa Fe, where healthy eating is entirely accessible (and practiced!)  Between Trader Joe’s, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods, the Farmer’s Market and the Co-Op, we have our options in Santa Fe. 

Luckily, by now a profitable demographic has emerged from the gluten-free, dairy-free andmeat-free. I will be eating my way through restaurant menus to dissect the different options they offer for local and visiting veggies.  

Additionally, I must recognize the tie between herbivores and the great outdoors.  After all, there’s nothing better than a nice long hike followed by a delicious meal that someone else has prepared for you! So, the other aspect of my blog will be a comprehensive guide to different hiking trails around Santa Fe.  I will include important details, such as bike/pet friendliness and whether or not the hike is shaded (very important in Santa Fe!)

So, whether you are looking for a bite, a hike or both – follow me as I discover this amazing city!

Hike: The Chamisa Trail

"The hike is surrounded by beautiful aspens, which makes it quite lovely in the fall" | Paige Victoria

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Hike: The Dorothy Stewart Trail

"I have done this hike a few times with East Coasters and cats, so it is definitely easier than most..." | Paige Victoria

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