2012 Zero Energy Home Reception and Workshops

Santafe.com - February 6, 2012

"..it is possible to build cost-effective Zero Energy homes at or below the cost of a custom home equivalent..."

Natural Homes of Logic Real Estate, working with Renaissance Builders, are Santa Fe's only builders of energy-efficient, affordably-built homes. The premier of their latest Zero Energy Home will be held March 17, from 4 to 7 p.m. The reception will take place at the newly-completed home of Amy Suma on Coyote Ridge Road, five miles west of the Santa Fe Plaza above Alameda.

Construction of the Suma home was chronicled in four issues of the The New Mexican's Real Estate Guide. This custom solar home performs at, or near, Zero Energy with the final installation of its solar electric panels. The Suma home proves that it is possible to build cost-effective Zero Energy homes. It was constructed at or below the cost of a custom home equivalent built without the energy-generating features.

The reception, The Attainable Zero Energy Home, will be followed by two weeks of Solar Home Tours and Workshops at a nearby solar home at 700 Coyote Ridge Rd. on Saturday, March 18, and Saturday, March 25, from 1 to 5 p.m. Alan Hoffman of Natural Homes and Dennis Niedermier of Renaissance Builders each have more than 30 years experience in real estate, design, and building science. They and other presenters will inform attendees about technology that has made it possible to build both custom and conventional solar homes at roughly the same price as traditional, energy-wasting designs built today. The schedule of these upcoming events will be displayed on a full page in the March edition of Green Fire Times.

This year's reception will be co-sponsored by Trend magazine in preparation for the launch this April of Trend's new sister publication EcoTrendSource magazine. EcoTrendSource explores sustainable action in northern New Mexico, emphasizing trends in architecture, design, new energy, green technology and lifestyle. It features businesses devoted to green building and providing clean energy, solar, wind, biomass and more. EcoTrendSource also includes interviews with leaders in green technology, families successfully living off the grid, architects, designers, chefs and other innovative business people. Each issue includes a guest column by an expert in these fields, upcoming events, resources for a green lifestyle and other hands-on information to help readers become more conscious of how to live lightly on the planet.