SFPD: 76-year-old Points Gun at Student on Prep Campus, Goes to Jail

Todd Eric Lovato - January 28, 2014

Allan Wheeler, 76, was placed behind bars this morning after allegedly threatening a student with a gun at Santa Fe Prep. The following is from a Santa Fe Police Department media release:

A 17-year-old male student told police he was driving to school erratically when a man followed him to campus while yelling obscenities at him. The teen says the man, later identified as Wheeler, demanded his driver’s license and registration once they were stopped on school grounds. When the teen refused to hand the items over, he says Wheeler pulled out a small caliber, semi-automatic pistol, pointed it at the teen’s stomach and again demanded the documents.

At that point a school maintenance worker watching the incident intervened.

The student called his parents. He and Wheeler were asked to wait in the office until police arrived. Wheeler complied and then refused, leaving campus.

Police then interviewed the very shaken, but otherwise okay student. During the interview Wheeler returned to the school and was also interviewed. He denied having a gun on campus, but admitted to confronting the student for “driving like a maniac”.

When asked Wheeler told police he initially left campus because he started to feel paranoid and people were making him feel as if he did something wrong. He said he returned to campus to tell his side of the story.

Wheeler’s vehicle was searched, but no gun was located. Officers are currently in the process of obtaining a warrant to look for the gun at his house. A nylon holster was found inside the coat Wheeler was wearing when he was arrested.

He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, unlawful carrying of a fire arm for carrying a weapon on school grounds and tampering with evidence.

Wheeler is being held at the Santa Fe County Jail with a no bond hold.

The incident was contained quickly. The school was never under a shelter in place recommendation.