A Christmas Riddle

- December 23, 2011

"I heard angels singing and playing last night"

A Christmas Riddle
I heard angels singing and playing last night.
And in this early morning time,
I can hear them yet.
But for those of you who would doubt,
I saw them too.
They sang and played together as one.
Such a glorious sound.
Then I was gone. 
They sang about opposite things
Dissolving into each other,
Becoming the same.
They sang and played about
The crooked becoming straight,
Valleys becoming high,
Mountains becoming low.
And afterward,
A glory that would be revealed.
And a promise,
(Or was it a prayer?)
That All humankind,
Would see it together,
As One.
Happy Holidays and Happy Trails to You
From Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment