A Marvel of Sea Images

- November 9, 2012

“Byron Browne at Yares Art Projects through year’s end…”

Yares Art Projects opens a show by abstract artist Byron Browne this evening that promises to change the way you view the sea and change the way you relate to it. Growing up around the ocean, I was always taught to respect it—to respect its power, its force, its ability to create and destroy. To see Browne’s images is understand those feelings and so much more.

Browne, described in the release for this show as “an uncompromising explorer who ventured beyond discovered boundaries and embraced visionary art that is solely his own…influenced by the traditions of iconographic Classicism and inspired by primitive and archaic sources…an unparalleled innovator of abstract art in America;” lets his work speak for itself in "Boats at Night," "Moonlit Beach," "Phosphorescent Beach," "Sunset on the Beach" and "Primal Sea."

In, “By the Sea”, the show that opens today at Yares Art Projects, the adjectives that might describe Browne’s reflections upon these moments include “the quietude, the rage, the tranquility, the roar, the heat, the coolness, the intensity and the calmness” of the sea that the world lives with every day.

The sea in all of its variations and with all of its descriptive adjectives has been the subject of artists’ awe and inspiration for almost as long as there has been art. From calm and tranquil to roaring and violent, the words that we use to describe the sea in the various stages of its ebb and flow, can also be used to described the emotions we feel when seeing works of art based on this ever-changing force of nature. Browne’s work brings many of these emotions to the surface when we see the paintings in this exhibition. 

In “By the Sea,” Browne has mastered the idea of integrating complexity with serenity, establishing himself forever as one of the most truly American artists of the 20th century, and, like the sea itself, a timeless painter without limits.

The exhibit, at Yares Art Projects, runs until December 31.