A New Year, a New Outlook

- January 10, 2012

"If my New Year's celebration was any indication, 2012 will be all my heart desires"

It is now 2012, and I have a feeling of wonder and excitement for this year I have not felt in recent memory. No tolerance for any painful relationships or negative people. My world is filled with happiness and light, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Join the party. This is a personal statement of my goals for the time ahead of me. If my New Year's celebration was any indication, 2012 will be all my heart desires. I spent the time approaching New Year's Eve in Charlotte North Carolina.

Charlotte is called the "Queen City," n amed after the Queen Consort of King George III. In case you don't remember your American history, King George III was King of England during the Revolutionary War and spent a huge part of his life after the war depressed over "losing the colonies." Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, her complete title, gave good King George III 13 living children. Now that is a queen!

Charlotte is angular and beautifully regal. The weather is mild, tropical and balmy. Downtown is charming with amazing restaurants and fantastic public art. The largest metropolitan area in North Carolina, this elegant city was home to me for a week of regal wonder. I ate oysters and champagne for breakfast, chardonnay and hot wings at 2 p.m. and hung out at the Dean and Deluca wine bar after a major shopping swipe at Neiman Marcus. Was it over? Not by a long shot. Remember Charlotte is the Queen City! Everywhere I went, that Southern charm and hospitality showed itself.

Every city I have ever visited has its own distinct flavor, and the Queen City is no different. The architecture of Charlotte is quite unique. The lines of the city are all about angles. Angles purposefully moving your eye from one place to another, leaving you feeling inclusionary in the long ago court of Queen Charlotte. Since I have a distinct feeling in my past life I was regal and hung out with nothing but royal ladies and gentlemen,Charlotte was the perfect venue for my entrance into 2012.

What a treat to indulge all of my little girl princess fantasies. Every girl in Charlotte owns her own crown. Tiaras are all the rage, and now I have my own. If you don't own one, let me tell you, it does wonders for your self esteem to place a crown on your head. Instead of the ball dropping at midnight in Charlotte, the crown rises.

I perused the art of Romere Bearden at the The Mint Museum. Later, over raspberry and Mango Martinis, the conversation was all about Bearden's influences from Picasso and Modigliani and whether the Charlotte Bobcats would beat the Miami Heat! What more could the artist in my soul ask for?

I live in Santa Fe, home to many astounding women both contemporary and historical. Combining the influence of the artistic, business, political and literary women it has been my pleasure to meet and become aquainted with in Santa Fe with a lovely diamond crown is something no girl could possibly resist.

Happy 2012! I wish everyone who reads my words the best, most spiritually inspired, year of your life!