A Song for Zozobra

- September 4, 2012

Just a few days shy of the annual burning of Zozobra, I've decided to pre-release the song “Sorry, Zozobra.” The song is one of 13 tracks on the upcoming debut album from Todd and the Fox. The album is scheduled for release in time for Todd and the Fox’s October trip to South Korea and subsequent album release parties throughout New Mexico.

Well, here it is. Listen and download the song at Todd and the Fox’s SoundCloud page.

“Sorry, Zozobra” is a song told from the perspective a young boy trying to reconcile the festivities of the annual burning of Will Shuster’s Zozobra – a fifty-foot marionette puppet, burned in effigy annually before tens of thousands in Santa Fe, NM – and his grisly, fiery fate.

I wrote an early version of this song while working on a music project for one of my dad’s short stories, “Zozobra’s Great Escape,” a heist adventure about a pair of kids who set out to rescue Zozobra. I was born, raised and currently live in Santa Fe and I relate deeply to the emotions expressed by the characters in my dad’s book. I vividly recall experiencing profound and mixed emotions as child while watching Old Man Gloom transform from a grumpy giant into a blazing heap of ashes before my very own eyes.

“Sorry, Zozobra” is inspired by a harmless puppet and a wonderful community event that brings together thousands in a ceremonial release of angst and gloom. It’s also about witches, immolation and the darker side of fire.

Que Viva!

Todd and the Fox’s debut was produced by Todd Eric Lovato; performed by Lovato, Erik Sawyer; mixed and mastered by Andrew Click; tracked at with Jono Manson at Kitchen Sink Studios; designed by Jeff Atwell and Gordon Fluke; with guest musical appearances by LumpyThe Imperial Rooster; and supported by listeners like you.