All in a restaurant

- August 3, 2011

"Hearts opened. Body nourished. Magic throughout the evening. 5 star rating..."

Poetic Hunger = Food + food + more food and magic words (poetry).

Food seems to often outweigh all other buried or floating "hungers."  Do a few comparisons; pick a word, experience, activity, or event and ask food or ....?

Stopped by the Santa Fe Bandstand at the Plaza last week. My friend and I heard a few chords, and decided, let's go out to eat instead.  She had some Groupons to Vinaigrette, the restaurant in Santa Fe.  If you want great deals go to Groupon online. The night was warm and the shade of a large old apricot tree sheltered us.  Reservations are not available after 6:30 PM.  We showed up anyway and were welcomed and seated quickly (there were only two tables on the patio open).

Thunder clouds gathered above. Our waitress took our orders and delivered our drinks.  We sank into our chairs and the ambiance as the sun silently sank over the western horizon.  Fortunately, the food arrived faster than the sunset.

Conversations wafted through the air, creating a mini rhapsody.  Stories came from every table, and most were never overheard as we focused on our own tales. Food brought us here, however long before the food arrived we were cloaked in joy and appreciation, transported into a realm of peace and "beingness." Of course, good company was required to obtain this transformation.

Space was the appetizer, and by the time the very fresh and beautiful salad arrived we were quite satisfied.

The food, including the bread (remember to ask for the bread), deserved to be savored. Fortunately as there was no rush to be elsewhere, we feasted as if we were dining on a remote French island. Finally came time to decide:  desert or not? We were confortably full but simply had to hear the choices.  We compromised, apple pie and blueberry homemade ice cream: two forks.

Hearts opened. Body nourished. Magic throughout the evening. 5 star rating.