Announcing Equicenter de Santa Fe

Susie Morgan - February 9, 2015

“…this expansive facility has new visionaries at the helm with big plans for this wonderful facility”

Previously known as Santa Fe Horse Park, then Santa Fe Equestrian Center, this expansive facility has new visionaries at the helm with big plans for this wonderful facility and a new name – Equicenter de Santa Fe.  Guy McElvain, Brian Gonzales & Double J Management Company have been working for some time with Los Alamos National Bank to bring this plan to fruition.

Raising the bar, Guy and Brian are re-introducing and expanding the Grand Prix de Santa Fe.  Not since 2009 has Santa Fe hosted Grand Prix Jumping, but it will be back in 2015 at the Equicenter.  While the previous Grand Prix de Santa Fe attracted about 150 horses, 2015 is expected to attract something in the neighborhood of 500 horses.  Both Brian and Guy were involved with the previous Grand Prix de Santa Fe.

The plan for the Equicenter is to become a major show destination for many disciplines.  Patterned similarly to the Colorado Horse Park rather than WestWorld in Arizona, Brian says that the initial focus will be to bring in major jumping and dressage venues. 

The calendar for 2015 is already booking up beginning with the Welcome Week July 22nd – 26th followed with the Santa Fe Fiesta July 29th through August 2nd. 

But the big event will be return of the Grand Prix de Santa Fe August 5th – 9th.  Many will recall the old glamour days that the Grand Prix brought to Santa Fe which was previously held on the grounds at Las Campanas.  The glamour is sure to return with this thrilling event.

Equicenter boasts the most expansive equestrian facility in Santa Fe County with eight show rings including an indoor covered arena, 68 permanent box stalls, turnout paddocks, and 600 temporary stalls, a grass Grand Prix field, a grass Derby Field, and a rodeo arena all constructed on 137 acres.  The property also has ride-out trail access to the BLM land where petroglyphs are found.

Local clinic and show organizers can benefit from the Equicenter as well.  With its wide range of facilities, this location is ideal for many local as well as regional and national events.

The Equicenter already has a vibrant dressage training facility.  Under the management of Emily Keene, there are several horses in dressage training and others stabled at the Equicenter.   Perusing Ms. Keene’s website, one is impressed with her connection and communication with both horse and rider achieving optimal results for the horse and rider combo both in the show ring and at home.  Of the transition to creating Equicenter, Emily says, “We could not be happier with the new plans, this will be good for us in every way, from the facility to the horse community to Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico.  I'm tremendously excited about our future and grateful to be part of it”. 

If you are interested in inquiring about stabling and/ or training horses at the Equicenter, please contact Emily Keene.  If you are interested in holding an event at the facilities, please email Equicenter directly.

See you all at the Grand Prix August 5th – 9th!

Equicenter de Santa Fe  email:  505-470-3849

Keene Dressage  email:  505-466-1325

Photos: Emily Keene and Equicenter