ARCOS Dance Keeps Getting Better!

- November 1, 2012

"The dancers were fluid, at times easily moving as one"

It's been almost a year since I've seen ARCOS Dance perform. Last night's performance, which included "The Uncommon Self," "One of Five," "Heights by Half Past" and "The March," were simply outstanding. I was there to supposedly take photographs of the event and I could hardly keep my eyes on the camera screen. Everything related to their performance seems to have moved up several notches. The dancers were fluid, at times easily moving as one. Everything looks effortless. The sound quality, as far as acoustics are concerned, was considerably better and the music blended perfectly with the choreography. I loved the introduction of video into the performance, provided by Eliot Fisher. It was perfect and exciting and my jaw literally dropped. The video added a sense of depth which seemed to move way beyond the limits of the stage, and I was completely engaged by it. The costumes seemed of a higher level as well…never detracting from the dance, only adding to.

Here are a few photos that I managed to get of last night's performance, and I'll tell you; it was NOT easy. What a treat. Do not miss these performances. Call 505-473-7434 or email Here's the website for more information: Arcos Dance

Have fun and
Happy Trails to You