Arroyo Santa Fe

- January 30, 2012

"...but, what about going barefoot in the arroyo? cool soft earth slows me down..."

wake up in the morning

aching head, knee, and ankle

gotta shake the on-coming depression

get dressed

drive on out of the park

glad for the winter jacket

go past the school's track

gotta get a nature fix now.

driving down the road

grooving on the sun and blue sky

arrive at the playground

before the Sunday kids arrive

use the equipment first

climb up stairs, across a bridge

down again walk over to the swing.

soar into the sky and back again

let lungs fill with chilly air

(adults try these things, it is still fun)

1st family arrives with a pile of kids and a swearing Dad,

time to exit to the trail, but, what about going barefoot

in the arroyo? cool soft earth slows me down

walk carefully, slowly, avoid broken bottles.

Back on the trail, finding new rhythm

until the ice, baby steps still work fine.

up aways, off trail again, easy access to the arroyo.

ditch the shoes. wander barefoot, until midwinter earth

chills the soles. 

Shoes on climb up a ledge

and move into a winding canyon

vision narrows, shadows call memories

of passing mountain lions

take a breath every so often

walk onward. take time to notice silence.

on arroyo's edge

where only green

yucca and pinons stand

rooted deeply among

tawny dried grasses;

wind travels close to earth

and hidden birds sing.

pain subsides

and the day

creates new poems

and meditations. namaste.