Art Poem 1

- August 11, 2011

"Glass insights"

An interesting thing happened before the artist talk. As the crowd began to arrive, I anticipated the talk to be ready to begin. I found a front row seat and waited.  No one came. I decided to use that quiet time to begin a poem. Images of windows, doors, abandoned buildings in Maine and New Hampshire floated to consciousness.  These were among the many places that I once did photography. A theme that occurred frequently over the last 30 or so years.

First came some words:


watching secret places

 Did you look through the glass?

window panes

telling stories

thousands of years


the studio tall window

in a once catholic school

gazing at a cherry tree

manicured priest's lawn

a tiny paradise


did you look in the window

of the abandoned church

and see imagined children

listening to the choir sing


or out the third floor factory windows

while watching NH sunsets

preparing boot tops

while creating adventure stories

which somehow never written down.


windows for ghosts to enter

for reflections to call

dreams, plans, and years


out west New Mexico

in the old state prison

where the riots were

where the old electric chair still sits

where tiny windows

allow light to cast shadows

where hopes and freedoms were smashed

and I once modelled


all these panes

cracked, whole

old and contemporary

frame tales

for each to breathe.


Poem revised 8/10/2011 by Mary MacIntyre

When the lecture began, Joanne Teasdale spoke of similar experices and showed her window pictures and their glass art. On the same or similar page???

Some of Joanne Teasdale's work may still be displayed at Bull's Eye Resource Center at 805 East Early St.