Artemes - The Man from Venus - June 7, 2011

"Over indulgence, disco, celebrity sightings, 'club kids', paparazzi stake outs, and Artemes..."

(Listen to a Honey Harris interview with Artemes.)

The heyday of Studio 54 popularized much of what is now an accepted part of our modern culture – over indulgence, disco, celebrity sightings, “club kids”, paparazzi stake outs, and Artemes. Over the life of Studio 54’s reign on NYC’s social scene a shy, young man with a shaved head began to express his male/female androgynous inner life dressed up in women’s couture, a painted face like a runway model, and long drop earrings framing his Italian ethnic face. Artemes took the club by storm. Before long he had realized that he was more than a pretty face in a glamorous setting so, combining his talent for acting, singing and story-telling with his new found fame he created a one “man” show that gained popularity in underground theatres, cabarets and clubs in the early 80’s.

In 1989, invited by a friend to visit, Artemes found himself in Santa Fe and realized that he was home. And this is where he has honed his performance art for the last twenty two years performing in a variety of venues to an ever growing diverse fan base.

Artemes describes his performance art as a marriage of his male/female inside brought to life through song parodies (which he writes all the lyrics to), true stories from his amazing life, music, and a wonderful sense of high fashion. Having felt like a misfit upon his arrival in Santa Fe, he soon realized that his ever growing performing popularity came from his ability to present a veneer of glamour energized by real life. Artemes has truly created an original archetype that brings laughter and honesty to his audiences.

Artemes will be presenting an original new show, Man from Venus that summarizes his life and career on Saturday, August 13th at 8:00 PM at the James A. Little Theatre. Tickets are $25 and available by calling 795-1186 or at the door. Treat yourself to one of Santa Fe’s queer creative treasures and enjoy true performance art culled from a most unusual life.